dramatherapy Plymouth



Information for Commissioning Organisations

Health Professional plymouth hypnotherapistIn addition to working in private practice, I offer individual and group dramatherapy sessions for organisations commissioning in the field of adult and adolescent mental health.

Settings for active dramatherapy programmes include schools, the voluntary sector, mental health settings, prisons, the probation service, and general health and social care settings. Participants might wish to explore such issues as unmanageable anger, social under-confidence, disordered eating, self-harming, substance misuse or problems associated with a mental health issue.

Dramatherapy supports individuals to examine their life experiences and enable personal and interpersonal change. It allows them to unlock difficult feelings in a safe and non-threatening way, and can be applied to help solve a problem, gain insight, understand the meaning of personally resonant images, or explore and modify patterns of interaction.

The experience of dramatherapy can help people to understand the roles they play in their relationships with others. It can enable them take greater responsibility for their lives and make more informed choices. No previous experience or skill in drama is necessary, and participation does not lead to an end performance; instead, the emphasis is on the experience of the individual or group.

Dramatherapy can be a particularly engaging and effective therapeutic intervention for individuals who find it difficult to communicate and reflect verbally. All that is needed is a willingness to work in a creative and imaginative way.

Please ask for an advice sheet listing my current rates for sessional work of this type. Rates vary according to the regularity and duration of sessions.